Candy Crush Saga Level 86

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Candy Crush Saga is an addictive puzzle game with an astounding user base. Its challenging nature along with its unique level designs makes it one of the best social games out there. However, some of the levels can be very hard to solve without following the basic strategies. Candy Crush level 86 is one such level. It looks simple from the outset, but when you start playing it, you will realize that it is tougher than what you assumed it would be. By following the tips and strategies presented below, you will be able to beat this level without much difficulty. Here the simple rules and guidelines that you will have to follow:

The Board Layout is Simple (But Also Complex)

When you first look at the board in this level, it looks simple enough; and it is actually real simple. However, the placement of some candies in a particular pattern also makes it complex; the moves are limited in number too. The board in this level consists of black licorice rolls placed in a pyramid formation, and they are all barricaded by licorice-caged candies on the top. The licorice rolls are placed inside a jelly tile, and the jellies can only be cleared after the licorice rolls have been destroyed. So, planning your way around the board layout is extremely important.

Crushing Chained Candies is Your First Priority

At the beginning of the game, clearing the licorice-chained candies should be your top priority. Only when you clear them can you reach all the other licorice rolls lying underneath, and subsequently the jelly tiles. Approaching the licorice-caged candies from the top of the pyramid is a better option than approaching it from sides. However, make sure that you deprioritize them once you have breached a few tiles. The moves available are extremely limited in this game and you should move on to other objectives as soon as you breached the pyramid protection.

Look Out for Special Candies and Combos

Special candies are the saviours in every level. Nevertheless, in this level, their importance is increased tremendously. Since the number of moves is very limited, you need to combine special candies to create special combos; they will take out many jellies in a single move. The best special combo is to combine two wrapped candies, but a striped plus wrapped candy combo will also do just fine. Other special combos are fine too, but keep a look out for the ones mentioned above as they will help you more in this level.

Target the Black Licorice Cells

This should be your main priority after you have taken care and kept in mind all the tips and hints mentioned above. Try to get candies in the place of black licorice rolls as soon as possible; because that is the only way you can crush other black licorice cells. Only when you have got rid of all the black licorice rolls should you concentrate on clearing the jellies. Getting rid of them can be quite hard, but with the right special candies and special combos, and a bit of luck, you can finish this level in no time.

Candy Crush level 86 can be very hard to clear on the first try. There is definitely a great amount of luck involved, as the initial random arrangement of candies plays a major role in how you will fare in the game later on. However, by following the tips and strategies outlined above, you will increase your chances of clearing this level tremendously.

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