Candy Crush Saga Level 79

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Candy Crush Saga is an amazing game that has captivated many casual gamer since it was released in April last year. It is very easy to play – you just match three candy tiles on a board to eliminate them – and it is also extremely social. Hence, its popularity is well justified. However, it can be tricky at times, and when you fail, you’d feel really frustrated. Candy Crush level 79 is one such level which is extremely difficult, terribly frustrating, and at times it will make you pull out the hair from your head.

Nevertheless, there are some basic tips and strategies that you can follow to beat this level without feeling thwarted by its difficulty. Here are the simple rules that you have to keep in mind to clear this level:

Get Rid of the Chocolate

There are many combinations of candy arrangement that the level 79 can start with, but almost all of them have a few chocolate tiles at the bottom. Your first priority should be clear them, because if you don’t, then your chances of beating the level are next to none. One great way to beat the level is to jeep rolling the level over and over until you get the starting board that is advantageous to your plans.

The arrangement of candies on the board is randomized at the start of the game. Hence, you can use this to your advantage and keep on rolling – quitting and starting – until you get two matches that can be made readily at the bottom of the board. One of the reasons why rolling is suggested over other methods is because there aren’t enough matched available to devote them to clear the chocolate bars at the bottom. Moreover, if you aren’t able to clear them in the beginning of the game, then you will struggle later on. The sooner you get rid of chocolate without spending many matches, the better your chances of winning.

Plan Your Next Matches in Advance

When you are planning to match some patterns, always make sure that it also leads to other better choices. Planning in advance is the key to success in a tricky game like Candy Crush, especially the level 79. Take care of the positioning, the order, and many other factors that you can use to your advantage in future matches.

The Licorice and the Frosting is a Challenge

The licorice cages might block some of the candies lying in the center of the board, which also includes the chocolate. They are also more difficult to get rid of because there are some empty squares lying between or around them that prevent the licorice tiles from being matched.

Another challenge is the frosting column at the center of the board. It takes perfect placement of certain specific candies to get rid of the frosting, but it is very hard to do so as it splits the candies along the center line. This restriction makes it more difficult to make the matches in that area, but it is possible to clear this region with special candy matches. Always look out for match pairs that give you the extra boost that you need to clear these problem spots.

Be Wary of the Teleporter

The teleporter tile placed in the lower part of the center column is a hindrance to your candy domination plans. It will prevent the upper candies from reaching the bottom, which will in turn make your matches restricted. Hence, be wary of it before taking the decisions.

The final tip is to never give up. Even with all the strategies applied, candy crush level 79 can be very difficult to beat. There is definitely a certain level of luck needed to beat the game. However, if you follow the tips and strategies outlined above, then it will make it easier for you to beat this level.

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