Candy Crush Saga Level 77

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Candy Crush Saga is a very simple given with easy rules to follow, but it can also be very tricky sometimes. Candy Crush level 77 is one such level where the game looks painless from the outset, but gets complex once you start playing it. One of the major reasons why it is difficult is the low number of matches given to clear the board; its unique layout also adds complexity. However, here are a few tips and strategies that you can follow to make your candy domination plans sail smoothly without fearing about the number of matches available. Follow these simple tips to beat this level easily:

Study the Board Layout Properly

The board in this level is split in half, with a single row in the middle that is out on its own. All the three regions should be tackled separately when clearing out the candies, but the top region has a portal at their bottom tiles that will teleport the candies lying above it to their corresponding places on the bottom region. However, the corresponding bottom region should be empty for this to happen. The middle region is completely independent of what is above or below; hence, it needs to be tackled separately.

Keep the Chocolate Tiles Locked

The game starts most of the times by having two chocolate pieces on the extreme right of the middle region, and they will also be locked in their place and won’t spread, thanks to the licorice candy that is right next to them. So, it is in your best interest that you don’t clear out the licorice gem. Otherwise, the chocolate will start spreading and it becomes very hard to solve it later on. Hold out on clearing that licorice for as long as possible and keep the chocolate tiles locked in their place until their time comes.

Make Striped Candies Your Priority

Concentrating on your striped candies will make your game much easier than just concentrating on wrapped candies. Moreover, if you can get a striped candy next to a dotted candy, then you have even better chances of winning. There are not many moves to lose on unneeded matches which serve no beneficial purpose in clearing the board.

Work on Getting Special Candies

Since the number of matches available is very less, and you also need to clear the chocolate tiles eventually, you need to work on clearing multiple candies with special chain effects; this is only possible with special candies, which are attained when you make matches of more than 3 candies. Dotted candies are the best candies to use in this game because they target every type of gem on the board that they are placed next to. So, your best bet is not to clear all the candies individually, but to create dotted candies and wait for the perfect moment to use them.

Use Your Dotted Candies Wisely

Once you have created a few dotted candies, the game becomes much easier to tackle. If the chocolate is free from its lock, then you just have to use the dotted candy and match it to the gem lying next to the chocolate tiles. This will clear the chocolate and every other similar gem on the board. Hopefully, with enough luck, you will clear the board with many moves still remaining.

Unlike many other levels that will follow, Candy Crush level 77 is fairly easy and simple to beat. Luck does play a small role in beating this level, but your wits play a major role. Just make sure to follow all the tips and strategies outlined above to clear this level easily.

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