Candy Crush Saga Level 70

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Candy Crush Saga is a mind-boggling puzzle game that is very addicting to play. Its unique level designs, challenging obstacles, and amazing gameplay make it one of the best social games. However, it can also be very frustrating at times. Some levels can be very tricky to conquer, especially when there are some very strict objectives that have to be met. Candy Crush level 70 is one such level where the difficulty is ramped up to strain the wits of the players. It features a split board design, teleports, and various other obstacles to make the level harder to clear.

The objective of this level is very simple: clear all the jellies. However, to do that, it takes a lot of effort. By following the tips and strategies given below, you can clear this level without much difficulty. Here are the simple rules that you will have to follow:

Understand the Board Layout Carefully

This level features a unique board layout; the board is split vertically into two sections, with each section having four columns. There are teleports after the bottom row of the left section and at the top of the right section. The candies falling into the teleports on the left emerge from the ones on the right. Also, the right section has two rows of candies on the bottom, but they are locked in their place by another row of licorice-caged candies above them. Hence, the chocolate tiles won’t be able to spread as long as they are locked in their places. The rest of the tiles on the right section are all jellies filled with different coloured candies; clearing all the jellies is your level objective.

Concentrate on the Left Section Initially

You may have great matches that you could make on the right section initially, but do not touch the candies over there. The main reason for leaving the right section alone is due to the fact that matching candies would unlock the licorice tiles, and this would enable the chocolate tiles to spread; mayhem would sooner ensue. Thus, concentrate on only the left section, match multiple candies, collect special candies such as wrapped and striped candies, and much more. Once you have enough of striped candies accumulated on the left section, you have a greater chance of winning.

Take Out the Chocolate Rows with Special Candies

Yes, you got that right. This is the best way to get rid of all the chocolate candies in one move. Get horizontally striped candies on the bottom two rows of the left section to clear out the chocolate rows on the right section. If you cannot get two striped candies, you can match a horizontally striped candy with a wrapped candy to make an even better combo. Once you have cleared all the chocolate candies on the right section, you can stop concentrating on the left section.

Clear Out the Jelly Tiles

Now that you have cleared all the chocolate tiles, you can start concentrating on the right section. However, if you see an opportunity to create special candies on the left, do it immediately. Matching candies on the right automatically moves the columns on the left, because both these sections are connected with teleports. Hence, don’t miss out on a chance to create special candies on the left. Clearing out all the jelly tiles should be your main priority now. With all the hints given above, it should be an easy affair.

Candy Crush level 70 can be very hard if you don’t tread carefully and make wrong decisions. However, by following the tips and strategies outlined above, solving this level is much easier.


  1. My striped wrapped combinations on the left never clear the right side. They only clear the left side. I didn’t even finish watching this after I saw that move.

  2. The horizontal striped ones clear both sides, the vertical don’t. Or that’s what happens on the android version, anyway.

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