Candy Crush Saga Level 158

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The Candy Crush Saga game has taken the mobile game world by storm. In a very short period of time it went from being a relatively unknown mobile game to one of the hottest mobile offerings out there. Part of the reason for the huge success of the Candy Crush Saga is the fact that it requires players to employ strategic thinking and provides instantaneous feedback that many players find addictive.

Each level of Candy Crush is unique and has its secret aspects. Candy Crush level 158 is one of the more difficult levels, precisely because it’s so hard to formulate a winning strategy for it. Your best bet is to employ a grab bag of tips and hints as well as keeping in mind some general pointers so that you can master this level and move on to the next.

The Board

Candy Crush level 158 consists of a two sided board. Candy from the left side of the board falls over into the other side of the board.

Right at the very bottom of the right side of the board are two licorice-encased pieces of candy. Unfortunately, also on the right side, there are two chocolate generating machines.

Basic Strategy

You have to use the striped candies on the board to eliminate the chocolate and licorice on the right side of the board. This, unfortunately, is quite difficult to do. You will most likely have to apply a variety of tips to get yourself into a position where you can successfully do that.

Watch out for Jellies on the Edge

Clearing jellies on the edge of the board is advisable early on in the game and one of the best tricks out there. Edge jellies are the worst jellies to deal with. The reason for this is that there is only a small number of combinations that can get rid of them.

Start at the Bottom

It’s generally a good idea to start at the bottom of the board and work your way up. This allows candies to drop down as you work and sometimes ends up giving you the equivalent of free moves.

Start with a Plan

It’s easy to get lost in the initial chaos of a Candy Crush board. Before you start working on level 158, try to visualize in your mind the steps you are going to take.

The odds are that you won’t be able to beat this level in one go. This is a tough level. If it takes you more than one try to master it, you should make the effort to learn from your previous attempts and modify your strategy slightly.

Every board is a little bit different and requires that you implement a different plan.

Cheat for Extra Time

If you don’t use Facebook on your mobile device, you can use a simple little cheat to gain you some extra lives that will make completing this level easier.

All you have to do is turn the clock on your mobile phone or tablet ahead two hours. This will give you a bit of extra time that will result in extra lives.

While this little cheat won’t necessary enable you to beat level 158, it could definitely help you.

Level 158 of Candy Crush is a difficult level to beat, but it is not an insurmountable obstacle. Apply the basic strategy detailed above, and you will be well on your way to completing it.


  1. I believe the trick is to match up a candy with sprinkles to one of the ones in the cages.

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