Candy Crush Saga Level 130

Candy Crush Saga Level 130 4.50/5 (2 votes)


  1. I ve been trying for at least 10 times but not even ONE purple piece has appeared ever. Is it a structural problem?!

  2. I wish the game had some kind of guide so that you could find out what all the candy symbols meant so you didn’t have to waste a cap load of lives and money trying to figure out how to even pass levels like this one!

  3. Everyone on walkyhroughs for level 130 keeps saying that’s all you have to do is match stripes. I am playing on the iPhone and that doesn’t work. It’s annoying how the game plays so differently on your phone than through Facebook.

  4. Level 130 need to be explain more clearly on what to do becauae I have played this level for 15 times now and have not been able to pass. I have gotten multiple stripes together and nothing is happening 5x

  5. Please explain level 130 and the black stripes

  6. Horizontal does nothing, must be vertical. I can’t figure out whether the old multi colored helps at all.

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