Candy Crush Saga Level 109

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Candy Crush Saga is an insanely popular social media game that has been making waves all over the world. It is available on iOS, Android, and even on Facebook. With a simple game design, challenging levels, and mind-boggling variety of playable scenarios, this game is every puzzler game fans’ dream. However, some of the levels can be extremely frustrating to clear. Candy Crush level 109 is a level which is known for its notoriety. It features a unique board layout, limited moves, crazy candies, and many other difficulties piled over it. If you want to beat this level, then it is suggested that you follow the tips and strategies provided below. Here are the basic rules and guidelines that you have to follow:

Four Islands and a Board

The board layout on this level will test your wits to the maximum. It has four island tiles, which are separated from the rest of the board, and can only be cleared with the help of a special candy. Moreover, adding to the difficulty, these island tiles can also be chained with licorice, or even have a bomb tile in them. Most scenarios start with two chained candies and two bombs. Adding to the frustration, those island tiles also have jelly tiles after you blast through them. And the center of the board also has whipped cream along with black licorice rolls to make this level extremely insane to play.

Get Rid of the Bombs

Use a few moves to clear the center area first; but only 3-4 moves. Your utmost priority should be to get rid of the bombs. The only way to do this is by aligning horizontally striped candies along with the row they are in, and then matching those striped candies to take the bombs out. This is the only way you can clear the island tiles, whether they have bomb, licorice-caged candies, or jellies on them.

Special Combos For Mayhem

Since getting striped candies to lay exactly on the same row as the island tiles can be difficult, it is essential that you sneak in some special combos to take those hard-to-reach tiles out. Packed candies along with striped candies make the best special combo. However, if you can get the dotted candy, or the Chocoball as it is commonly called, then you can match it with a striped candy to create one of the deadliest combos possible. Combining two striped candies is also great, but you should look out for better combos if you can; use them as a last resort.

Luck Plays an Important Role

Yes, luck plays an important role in level. It is one of those stages where you just have to go along with the flow and take whatever is thrown at you. With just 35 moves to make, a minimum of 40,000 points to score, and requiring a specific kind of special candy to complete the level objectives, this level is extremely difficult to conquer. Just make sure to keep a look out for those horizontally striped candies to clear the island tiles.

Candy Crush level 109 is a very hard stage that requires luck to get through it. However, by following the tips and strategies outlined above, you will be able to increase the chances of your win percent immensely. Just ensure that you keep trying until you finish the level.

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