Candy Crush Saga Level 100

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Candy Crush Saga is an amazing game similar to many match-tree titles such as Bejeweled. However, instead of gems, the board is filled with different colored candies and tricky obstacles. The game is highly addicting, thanks to its challenging levels that strain your mind. Candy Crush level 100 is one such example; it is a very frustrating level that is very hard to beat.

One of the main reasons it is so difficult is due to the small number of moves available; you get only 20 matches to meet the level objectives. Another reason the level is challenging is because of its unique board layout, which includes many blocks and jelly tiles. There is also a bomb tile with a 14 move limit to make it more intense. By following the simple tips and strategies outlined below, you will be able to clear this level very easily. Follow these simple rules to make your game much easier:

Study the Board Pattern Carefully

This is one of the most important things that you need to do, regardless on which level you are playing. This level has a very unique placement of tiles, adding to its complexity. The level starts with 27 rigid blocks, 13 exposed jellies and 41 candies. Except for the candies, all the other tiles are always arranged in the same pattern, no matter how many times you restart the game.

Rolling the Game

Rolling refers to restarting the game over and over until you hit the sweet spot in terms of tile arrangement. The placement of candy tiles on the board is randomized every time you start the game. Considering that almost half of the other tiles are taken up by unmovable blocks and exposed jellies, it becomes essential that you keep restarting your game until the placement of candies is advantageous. You will know whether you are going to win the level or flunk it in just a few moves; so restarting is a wise move.

Connect Multiple Candies

Since the number of matches available is extremely limited in this game, it becomes necessary that you make your every move count. Connect four or five candies to create special candies that can be used to clear the board more efficiently. There is definitely some luck factor involved in getting combos, but you can increase your chances of it happening by playing cunningly. One hint is to clear the candies in the bottom rows first and only then move towards the top rows. This will make more tiles shift on the board, and perhaps give you more opportunities to create multiple candy connections.

Clear the Top Rows and Side Rows Blocks First

The blocks in the top rows and the side rows carry no jelly tile underneath them. Hence, it is much easier to clear the board if you can get rid of them earlier on in the game. Clearing the first two rows of blocks on the top should be your top priority. Once that is accomplished, the candies will fill in to the exposed jellies to take their place. You can then match them to get to the bomb tile before it runs out of moves. However, since the number of matches is limited, you need to get creative with your play style.

Candy Crush level 100 can be immensely frustrating to clear on the first try. However, by following the tips and strategies outlined above, it becomes much easier to cope with this level’s intense challenge.


  1. jayson veneracion says:

    you need only to clear all the jelly.

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