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Candy Crush Secrets Review

So one day during lunch I was playing Candy Crush (as usual) when a friend of mine who was passing by started laughing at my low scores. So he whipped out his own phone and showed me his scores.

I couldn't believe what I saw.

He was close to level 200 while I was still stuck on level 33. I'd been playing for months while he had just picked up the game a week before from the app store.

So obviously I was really shocked, but more than that I just had to know exactly what he was doing. Over the next few days I begged and pleaded him to let me know how he managed to get so far in the game…

But he refused to tell me.

Eventually I got so desperate I told him I would do all his homework for a week if he told me. That seemed to do the trick because right away he passed me a scrap of paper with the domain name scribbled on it.

So naturally I immediately checked out the website and it seemed like some kind of guide that teaches you all the tricks for the game.


I knew he wasn't better than me and must have had some kind of trick up his sleeve. So of course I immediately bought it and got to work using the tips and secrets in my game play and immediately I started getting results.

It wasn't a scam!

I was getting more gold right away and it wasn't long until I realized how to get unlimited gold at my fingertips. I think one of the best parts is learning how to get gold for free instead of paying for it.

Even if you're playing on Facebook, I found a way to dominate the game without sending a million invitations or your friends and annoying them.

Then I learned how to get unlimited lives, the best charms and boosts whenever I needed them. How to level faster than I even thought was possible came next and in fact, sometimes I would clear 20 levels in just one day.

Sound good? You can check it out for yourself by visiting this site.

I was quickly becoming a Candy Crush pro, even though I didn't spend any extra time playing the game, studying forums or putting in extra hours. I just followed what the guide told me to do and I immediately started getting much, much better.

In fact and say I'm 50X the player that I was before this guide.

At school everyone noticed that I was playing the game like crazy and beating them all super easily. That's when the questions started flying:

  • How are you getting so much gold?
  • How did you level so fast?
  • Why do you have so many charms and boosts?

My answer? I'm just good. lol.

I knew that would frustrate the hell out of them and make them think that I'm a total Candy Crush rock star.

This might be kind of hard to believe, but one girl in my class even promised to make out with me if I let her in on my secrets. Did I do it? Well let's just say I'm not one to let a girl down in need. I'm a gentleman ;)

This guide took me from a total newbie to a world-class expert in just a few days. I'm pretty sure it will do the same for you and I'm really impressed with it. This is why I wanted to write this review in case anyone out there was thinking about buying it that still on the fence.

As much as I hate other people getting access to these tips and secrets, I thought it would be cool to just tell the truth and let people make up their own minds. I don't usually write reviews for anything and this is the first one I've ever made.

Before I got Candy Crush Secrets I would get stuck on a level for weeks on end because I kept running out of lives.

I would see guys on the forums getting three stars for all their levels and just leveling so much faster than I thought was even possible.

It's not like I have unlimited time to play the game all day like some people, so I had to make sure that I was getting the most results for the time I was spending.

I was getting very frustrated and almost quit the game a few times because I thought something was wrong with me. Maybe I was just not smart enough to get good at it.

But now I feel like nobody can touch me and I know every trick in the book…literally!

I have no problem recommending this guide to anybody who wants to get better at their favorite game and make all their friends jealous. If that sounds like you, go get your copy of this guide right now by clicking this link.

Or you can just spend your days slowly getting gold, leveling up occasionally and beating yourself over the head wondering why you're not getting anywhere.

I was there and it's the worst thing ever!

My enjoyment of the game right now is so much higher and I'm kind of kicking myself for not finding these tricks sooner.

NOTE: Just be careful though, because I'm if you've done much surfing you would've come across guides that offer you all kinds of cheats - but they also want your account information.

These are nothing but scams and you should stay away from them!

A friend of mine's account got banned from trying these, so if you want to stay on the safe side, use these tips and secrets and ignore the rest that you find.

Beat your friends by a mile just like I'm doing and keep these little secrets between us.

Get Candy Crush Secrets right here.